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Daring Time - Beth Kery Ryan Daire is a cop who's inherited a mansion...and a ghost. He's drawn to her presence and the more he sees of her, the more he wants her. When he learns of her fate, he becomes determined to fight for her and uses their passion to journey back in time.

Hope is a wealthy woman and for 1906 her thoughts are quite scandalous. Well, at least they are since she saw the handsome man in her bedroom mirror. Soon she's letting the mirror man introduce her to some wickedly erotic things.

I needed a fan while I read this one. Beth Kery can steam up a page with her sex scenes. Ryan is quite dominant in the bedroom and his ways of going about seduction are quite, um, different. At least for me. This is not a genre I normally read - not really my style. But for some, ahem, reason, I couldn't stop reading it.

Daring Time serves up a bit of time travel, a bit of erotica, a bit of suspense. I would recommend reading it but only if explicit sex scenes don't bother you.