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The Pirate Prince - Gaelen Foley I thought I’d like The Pirate Prince. I love pirates. Ok, I love Highlander’s too. *sigh* Set on the island of Ascension, pirate prince Lazar di Fiore plans the perfect revenge against the man who had taken everything from him. He plans to kill the daughter of his enemy and will kill him too, but first, he will make him watch his daughter as she is murdered.

However, things don’t go his way when he meets Allegra Monteverdi. He just can’t find it in him to kill her. She’s beautiful, spirited and he just can’t do it. As he embarks on the slaughter of her father and his political team members, she throws herself at his mercy. He agrees to spare the lives of her family. But only if Allegra sails away with him as his captive.

Alone at sea with the dark prince, Allegra comes to realize that he is the man of her childhood dreams, the prince of Ascension. Though he was rumored to be murdered, she always believed that someday he would return. However, he is not interested in returning to Ascension to rule and he’s got a lot of baggage regarding his past. And rightfully so. But Allegra has other ideas for her hero. She urges him come to terms and deal with his past. It becomes a love match of a great amount of respect and devotion.

I liked this book. A lot. It kept me up much too late reading which is always a sign that I’m enjoying the read. And, really, I would go in a crappy little rowboat if I could have time with Lazar.