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The Night Drifter - Susan Carroll This is the second book in the St. Leger series. I didn’t like this one as much as I liked The Bride Finder. This is the story of Lance St. Leger, son of Anatole and Madeline, who were the main characters in The Bride Finder. As with all St. Leger’s, Lance has a special magical kind of ability. He can “night drift” out of his body to wherever he wants to be.

Lance, the eldest twin son and heir has returned from battle while his parents are away. The story begins with Lance losing the St. Leger Sword, a priceless family heirloom. He decides to drift to the area of where he thinks it may be and runs into Rosalind, a naïve young widow who believes him to be the ghost of Sir Lancelot.

While visiting Effie Fitzleger, granddaughter of the original Bride Finder, Rosalind is told she is meant to be Lance’s bride. Well, Rosalind is not too happy about that. She does not recognize Lance as her “Lancelot” and wants no part of him. In order to woo her, Lance has to continue as Sir Lancelot at night in order to convince her to give Lance St. Leger a chance to redeem himself during the day.

Underneath all that rake-ish-ness, Lance was a good guy, and I especially enjoyed his relationships with his brother, Valentine, and his friend, Rafe. What I didn't like about this book was Rosalind's character. She irritated me with her absolute devotion to loving a ghost. It seemed a little too much. I wanted her to get over it, like, soon.

Anyway, it is definitely a book worth reading and I would recommend it.