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Till There Was You - Lynn Kurland Zachary Smith is an architect who lives a rather interesting life. His weekends are spent visiting different time zones. And I don't mean Eastern or Central time, I mean, in this particular instance, 2006 and 1258. He also talks to ghosts. One day he is at Artane, a castle owned by a good friend. He's doing his usual thing, exploring and looking at the architectual wonders of the place. He happens to stumble into a room filled with medieval goodies and bam!! he is thrown back to the year 1258, right in the middle of the Lady of Artane's solar. Screams erupt.

Mary de Piaget is the daughter of Robin, the Lord of Artane. Her father has been denying suitors for her for years. She truly doesn't mind the situation as she'd rather tend to her horses and spend time having fun with her cousins. Robin decides that the time has come for her to marry Geoffrey of Styrr who is handsome, but a real idiot. Top that off with the fact that Mary thinks he is up to no good. While her intended betrothed is on his way to her castle, Mary decides to hide.

Zachary is running from the screams in the solar and Mary is running to hide from her suitor. They both meet, in of all places, the garderobe. This is where the story begins and Kurland, as usual, does it very well. She keeps things interesting and suspenseful while at the same time bringing laughter and fun to the tale. The banter between Mary and Zachary is consistently amusing and they are truly a good match for each other, even if there is a several hundred year difference in their age.

Till There Was You is an excellent read. I recommend it.