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Highland Rebel - Tess Mallory The Highland Rebel is one Ian MacGregor, hot Celtic music pop idol whose music, and looks, tend to make women swoon. Ellie (Eleanor) Graham is his Goth clothed tour manager. What Ellie doesn't know is that Ian time traveled from the year 1711 to the current year. During one of his concerts Ellie realizes she's in love with Ian but a past hurt causes her to block out her feelings for him.

When Ellie accidentally travels back three centuries, Ian follows to save her and they both end up engaged in the trials of highland life during the Jacobite era. Ian finds himself torn between the life he had and changing the outcome of a rough future for his kinsmen.

One of the more humorous quotes in the book happens while Ellie is clueless to the fact that she has time travelled to the 18th century: "Ian"" Ellie said