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Golden Surrender - Heather Graham I loved this book. It was my first time reading Heather Graham and she quickly has become one of my favorite authors.

Prince Olaf, Lord of the Wolves, is handsome and deadly. Princess Erin is beautiful and bewitching. He being Norse and she being Irish make them bitter enemies. Ireland in 848AD is a time in Irish history that includes invasion by the Vikings.

Olaf is a blond haired, blue eyed, muscular mass of manhood. And he fights like the wolf he is named after. Erin is a dark haired, green eyed beauty who can wield a sword good enough to beat her brothers.

When Erin was younger she witnessed Olaf's taking of an Irish village and to say she hates the man is an understatement. Olaf, during a separate invasion, lost the love of his life during battle.

Erin and Olaf first meet when he is seriously injured and she finds him half dead on a riverbank. This tumultuous meeting sets the stage for a future relationship and I have to say the scene of this first meeting is incredible.

Erin and Olaf are eventually put into each other's lives for political reasons and their relationship will go through stages of hate, distrust and, really, love.

I recommend this book. Great read that kept me up way too late.