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I'm a bookworm, hiker, warrior and tyrant. I read all genres of romance. When not reading, you can find me engaged in general acts of mischief, trolling museums and daydreaming.

Bitten - Kelley Armstrong This is my first book by Kelley Armstrong and I'm hooked on her writing style. She's clever, witty, and keeps the plot moving along at a great pace.

Bitten is the story of Elena Michaels, human turned werewolf. She's left her Pack in the country and moved to the city of Toronto to try and live a normal life. Well, if you consider normal having to sneak out at night to go to a far off place and Change as normal. She lives with her boyfriend Philip and is a well respected writer for a newspaper.

Elena is struggling with her identity and is also having some problems with her love life. Although she lives with her loving and patient boyfriend, she has a thing for someone she loved before she became a werewolf, a Pack member by the name of Clayton. In my humble opinion, I would take a dive into the sheets with Clay any day. To heck with patient and humble, give me down and dirty. Ahem.

All is going fairly well in the faux life she has created for herself until one day she receives an urgent call from the Pack Alpha, Jeremy. Jeremy needs her to return to the pack to assist with some problems they have encountered. And from there all hell breaks loose.

Bitten is a fast paced novel filled with intrigue and suspense with a bit of a sweet love story thrown in. I'd recommend it and look forward to reading the second installment in The Women of the Otherworld series, Stolen.