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The Highlander's Touch - Karen Marie Moning Well, all I can say are two words. Circenn Brodie. This is one Highlander I could not get enough of. I've read a lot of time travel, romance, Highlanders, etc., and this book was definitely one of the better ones. The characters, Circenn and Lisa, are a perfect match and there are quite a few scenes in the book that that brought about a chuckle, not to mention severe blushing.

Lisa Stone, living in the 21st century with a critically ill mother, touches a Fae Hallows artifact at the museum where she holds her second job. The artifact is cursed and she is transported in time to the 14th century chamber of immortal warrior, Circenn Brodie. Who, by the way, just happens to be bathing when she appears. And, who, by the way, just happens to be a six foot seven muscular gorgeous hunk of Highland warrior. Ahem.

Needless to say, having someone poof into your chamber would be rather disconcerting to anyone and Circenn is a bit, well, surprised. Their "getting to know you"" phase is rather