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Come the Morning - Shannon Drake I found this to be a fascinating story. I wanted to stay up all night and finish but, alas, my mind and body had other ideas. Drake certainly did her homework regarding this historical period and the way she wound this love story around the political unrest of the time was terrific.

Waryk de Graham is one of King David's greatest warriors. So great, that he has been knighted Lord Lion. Waryk came to be in the King's good graces during a battle that found his father and several family members killed. He wakes amongst the dead, severely wounded and happens to see the enemy take hold of the remaining warriors that were hiding in a small house nearby. He crashes that party, saving many men. The King sees his bravery and decides to take Waryk, a young boy at the time, under his wing. Fast forward to where Waryk has recently fought in battle and the king has summoned him to court.

Mellyora MacAdin, is the daughter of a Viking warlord. Her father, Adin, has suddenly died and she has been summoned to see the King. She is of the belief that she will go see the King and he will agree to let her rule her lands. Many have told her this won't happen, but she thinks otherwise. She has fallen in love with Ewan and parts from him vowing to return and they will be together forever. Not if the King has his way.

Waryk and Mellyora are thrown together when King David insists they marry so he can continue to hold political access to Mellyora's father's land. Neither of them are too happy about the arrangement, especially Mellyora. Having never met Waryk, she imagines her betrothed to be a decrepit old Norman barbarian, when, in fact, he's a gorgeous Scot. Her different ways of trying to escape her pending nuptials are hilarious.

Come the Morning had several spots in the book that I really couldn't put it down because I was so curious with what could happen next. I'm an avid reader and it's not very often that I'm utterly taken by a story. This one's a keeper.