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To Tame A Highland Warrior - Karen Marie Moning I loved this book, but I can't get enough of Highlanders and Karen Marie Moning. The character, Grimm, was introduced in a previous KMM book and I was thrilled to learn a little more about him.

Gavreal McIllioch, or Grimm, is a Berserker, which means, when he goes to battle, he REALLY goes to battle. He's a superhuman dude when it comes to beating a foe senseless. He is asked to go back to a place where he was brought up after the death of his father to care for Jillian St. Clair.

Jillian has not married yet and her father has summoned three men to try and get her to marry them, Grimm being one of them. She and Grimm basically grew up together and many years ago when she told him she loved him, he up and left. She's rather ticked about that to say the least.

This love story goes through the ups and downs of Grimm's and Jillian's hidden love for each other and why Grimm is so adamant about not getting involved with her.

I recommend this book. It shows how love can blossom and survive in spite of roadblocks that are thrown in the way